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A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins.
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The Fugitive
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Title:The Fugitive
Original Title:The Fugitive
Release: 1993-08-06
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 131 min.
Genre: Adventure, Action, Thriller, Crime, Mystery

 Production Company:Warner Bros. Pictures
 Plot Keyword:chicago, usa, surgeon, death sentence, doomed man, chase, remake, flashback, betrayal, on the run, escape, fugitive, u.s. marshal, police corruption, doctor, home invasion, disguise, one armed man, framed for murder, manhunt
 Alternative Titles:
  • Auf der Flucht


Wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to death, Richard Kimble escapes from the law in an attempt to find her killer and clear his name. Pursuing him is a team of U.S. marshals led by Deputy Samuel Gerard, a determined detective who will not rest until Richard is captured. As Kimble leads the marshals through a series of intricate chases, he uncovers the secret behind his wife's death and struggles to expose the killer before he is recaptured, or killed.
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  • Dr. Richard Kimble

    Characters : Dr. Richard Kimble

    Actor : Harrison Ford

    Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard

    Characters : Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard

    Actor : Tommy Lee Jones

    Deputy Marashal Cosmo Renfro

    Characters : Deputy Marashal Cosmo Renfro

    Actor : Joe Pantoliano

    Deputy Marshal Biggs

    Characters : Deputy Marshal Biggs

    Actor : Daniel Roebuck

    Dr. Charles Nichols

    Characters : Dr. Charles Nichols

    Actor : Jeroen Krabbé

    Deputy Marshal Poole

    Characters : Deputy Marshal Poole

    Actor : L. Scott Caldwell

    Deputy Marshal Newman

    Characters : Deputy Marshal Newman

    Actor : Tom Wood

    CPD Detective Kelly

    Characters : CPD Detective Kelly

    Actor : Ron Dean

    CPD Detective Rosetti

    Characters : CPD Detective Rosetti

    Actor : Joseph F. Kosala

    Frederick Sykes

    Characters : Frederick Sykes

    Actor : Andreas Katsulas

    Helen Kimble

    Characters : Helen Kimble

    Actor : Sela Ward

    Copeland - Escaped Convict

    Characters : Copeland - Escaped Convict

    Actor : Eddie Bo Smith Jr.

    Senior Guard on Bus

    Characters : Senior Guard on Bus

    Actor : Richard Riehle

    Younger Guard on Bus

    Characters : Younger Guard on Bus

    Actor : Pancho Demmings

    Sheriff Rawlins

    Characters : Sheriff Rawlins

    Actor : Nick Searcy

    Head Illinois State Trooper

    Characters : Head Illinois State Trooper

    Actor : Danny Goldring

    Marshal Henry

    Characters : Marshal Henry

    Actor : Johnny Lee Davenport

    Walter Gutherie, lawyer

    Characters : Walter Gutherie, lawyer

    Actor : Dick Cusack

    Dr. Anne Eastman

    Characters : Dr. Anne Eastman

    Actor : Julianne Moore

    Dr. Kathy Wahlund

    Characters : Dr. Kathy Wahlund

    Actor : Jane Lynch

    Dr. Lentz

    Characters : Dr. Lentz

    Actor : David Darlow

    Judge Bennett

    Characters : Judge Bennett

    Actor : Andy Romano

    Chicago Cop #1

    Characters : Chicago Cop #1

    Actor : Miguel Nino


    Characters : Newscaster

    Actor : John Drummond


    Characters : Polizist

    Actor : Neil Flynn

    State Trooper

    Characters : State Trooper

    Actor : Kevin Crowley


    Characters : Resident

    Actor : Mark D. Espinoza

    11th District Cop

    Characters : 11th District Cop

    Actor : Gene Barge


    Characters : Prosecutor

    Actor : Joe Guzaldo

    Assistant Defense Attorney

    Characters : Assistant Defense Attorney

    Actor : Nicholas Kusenko

    Asst. Prosecuting Attorney

    Characters : Asst. Prosecuting Attorney

    Actor : Joan Kohn


    Characters : Coroner

    Actor : Joe Guastaferro


    Characters : Carlson

    Actor : Thom Vernon


    Characters : Partida

    Actor : Ken Moreno

    Jail Officer

    Characters : Jail Officer

    Actor : Frank Ray Perilli

    Bus Driver

    Characters : Bus Driver

    Actor : Jim Wilkey

    Head Welder

    Characters : Head Welder

    Actor : Michael James

    Highway Patrolman

    Characters : Highway Patrolman

    Actor : Michael Skewes


    Characters : Paramedic

    Actor : Cody Glenn

    Woman in Car

    Characters : Woman in Car

    Actor : Cynthia Baker

    Marshal Stevens

    Characters : Marshal Stevens

    Actor : Mike Bacarella

    Tracing Technician

    Characters : Tracing Technician

    Actor : Bill Cusack

    Windshield Washer

    Characters : Windshield Washer

    Actor : Tighe Barry


    Characters : Salesman

    Actor : Afram Bill Williams

    Myoelectric Technician

    Characters : Myoelectric Technician

    Actor : Noelle Bou-Sliman

    Skating Orderly

    Characters : Skating Orderly

    Actor : Greg Hollimon

    O.R. Doctor

    Characters : O.R. Doctor

    Actor : Cheryl Lynn Bruce

    Myoelectric Director

    Characters : Myoelectric Director

    Actor : Ann Whitney

    Clearing Officer

    Characters : Clearing Officer

    Actor : Turk Muller

    Visitation Guard

    Characters : Visitation Guard

    Actor : Eugene F. Crededio


    Characters : Newscaster

    Actor : Pam Zekman


    Characters : Newscaster

    Actor : David Pasquesi

    Gerard's Secretary

    Characters : Gerard's Secretary

    Actor : Dru Anne Carlson


    Characters : Betty

    Actor : Kirsten Nelson

    Man on 'El'

    Characters : Man on 'El'

    Actor : Juan Ramírez


    Characters : Host

    Actor : Allen Hamilton


    Characters : Newscaster

    Actor : Lester Holt

    City Hall Employee (uncredited)

    Characters : City Hall Employee (uncredited)

    Actor : Suzy Brack

    Deputy at Train Wreck (uncredited)

    Characters : Deputy at Train Wreck (uncredited)

    Actor : Darren W. Conrad

    Doctor (uncredited)

    Characters : Doctor (uncredited)

    Actor : Kevin Mukherji

    Warrant Captain (uncredited)

    Characters : Warrant Captain (uncredited)

    Actor : Sal Richards

    Mad Motorist at Tunnel (uncredited)

    Characters : Mad Motorist at Tunnel (uncredited)

    Actor : John-Clay Scott

    Doctor at Bar

    Characters : Doctor at Bar

    Actor : B.J. Jones

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